Gary Peek's Skydiving and Aviation Products and Services

New Computer Programs

Aircraft Load Timer-

This program is basically a replacement for the kitchen timer and manual PA announcements used at manifest to keep track of loads.

It includes support for public address announcements via the sound card using a set of included audio files, (which can be replaced by audio files of your choosing), and also can display messages on a BetaBrite large LED display (electronic sign).

Two versions of the program can be downloaded using the following links. See the readme.txt file.

Archive and Updates to Archive

The following is the main page for "Gary Peek's Skydiving and Aviation Products and Services", a partial archive of the computer programs, articles, pictures, information, and links that resided at "" from around 1997 until June 2005. I hope that skydivers everywhere will continue to find the information here interesting or helpful. A lot has changed since I did much of this work, so some of the information will seem odd to many people, so I have added explanations describe what is different from then until now. My bio, and How I got started skydiving

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