Skydiving in the St. Louis Area is your one-stop location for information about skydiving in Missouri, skydiving in Illinois, parachutes and skydiving equipment for pilots and skydivers, and skydiving instruction.

This web site has been established as a non-commercial source of unbiased information, from people who participate in these activities not for a living, but out of a love of the sports they represent, and out of a desire to keep them attainable and affordable for everyone.

In other words, the best advice from the best skydivers, instructors, and parachute riggers in the St. Louis area! Come join us, and experience flight the way it was meant to be experienced.


St. Louis Weather Links

The Parks College Parachute Research Group, parachute research done by Dr. Jean Potvin and Gary Peek

Instructional and Reference Material, for the Instructor and Student Skydiver

USPA Central Region information, from Gary Peek. Includes Information for Safety and Training Advisors

Gary Peek's Skydiving and Aviation Products and Services, an archive of stuff I created long ago, plus some new things

Photo Album - Some of the possibilities

The Sky's the Limit!

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Some of the possibilities
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